"Well, over a year later and the case is finally wrapped up so as promised...here's the update.

Bottom line....Dieter performed as expected.

No, I take that back.

Dieter went WAY above and beyond my expectations. I will admit....there were times I wish he was a bit slimier and / or had less integrity......but hey...there was also times I would have hired a hit man in this case. But no....Dieter was a calming, rational force through out this ordeal. And once again....I'll state for the record.....Dieter's policy of billing was exceptionally in our favor. After probably a dozen court appearances and god only knows how many hours....our final invoice was less than a THIRD of the opposition...something I'm sure they will never get over. 🙂 Hint: They could have bought a new BMW with what they spent with their attorney.

Thanks Dieter!"

Chris B.-Costa Mesa, California

Dieter, I was reflecting on this year about to end and wanted to express my gratitude to you for helping, guiding, and couns...eling me throughout the year. I really appreciate the times you calmed me down and talked some sense into me when I would get all flustered with a little 'saber rattling' from the opposition. You definitely made a tough year much more bearable for me! I am forever grateful! I am sure you do not always get gratitude when gratitude is due, but did not want that to be the case in my situation. Thank you Dieter, and have a good, safe, and blessed New Year!"

Daniel C.-Norwalk, CA

"Dieter did an outstanding job for us. He minimized cost, gave perfect advice, and was a consummate professional in all he did. Our case was pretty complicated, spanning multiple jurisdictions and being of uncertain outcome, but Dieter was a rock the whole time. I appreciated his personal touch and sympathetic viewpoint with our case, coupled with a solid dose of reality. He is a great lawyer and I highly recommend him to all..."

Scott T.-Leesburg, Virginia

"Since retaining Mr. Zacher, there have been such significant strides made in my case. Mr. Zacher's knowledge of the legal process, dedication to his cases and clients, and ability to fervently and articulately argue his position in a courtroom have single handedly restored my faith in attorneys. Dieter Zacher is an exceptional attorney."

Stacie L.-Riverside, California

“Steven got everything he wanted, and dramatically more. Double-overnights, when all he wanted was singles. Two weeks of vacation, when one would have left him very happy. And a significant reduction in support…

I've never, ever told an attorney before that I thought his handling of a case was magnificent, but that word really does apply. Thanks for taking care of my son. Separate from patent and trademark attorney who did a lot of IP work for me, you are the ONLY attorney I have ever met who I would recommend to others….Or in a single word, thanks.”

Doug L.-Huntington Beach, California

“As a professional colleague in the legal field, I think very highly of Dieter Zacher, and therefore it is my great pleasure to write a letter of recommendation. I am a licensed private investigator; I have specialized in fraud for the last 15 years. I first became acquainted with Dieter in 2009 when he contacted my investigation agency.

Over the last few years I have found Dieter to be one of the great gems of the legal community. He is a seasoned attorney and possesses a broad range of civil litigation experience. As divorce lawyers battle it out, some cases require more of a fight than others. Dieter is truly a staunch advocate for his clients and represents their interests with tenacity, perseverance and hard work. He possesses an ethical commitment that I implicitly trust. These qualities are the hallmark of a successful attorney and if, The Zacher Firm represents you, I assure you that you have chosen wisely, you’ll be in good hands.”

Lori Johnson
Director of Operations
Empire Specialized Investigations
Newport Beach, CA

"I am exclusively a personal injury attorney. However, I do get inquiries from doctors all over the state about family law matters. I recommend only one person, Dieter Zacher, who has an independent family law practice. Dieter is one of the best attorneys I�ve ever known in my life. He has handled hundreds of cases with good results for his clients and is familiar with most of the Family Law judges in Orange County.

Should you, a friend or loved one ever need the consultation of an outstanding and ethical Family Law attorney, one who is willing to fight for you, your best choice in Orange County is Dieter Zacher."

Shawn Steel, Esq.

Shawn Steel & Associates, APLC
Seal Beach, California

"I am writing to both thank you and to highly recommend you to others for the valuable legal work you performed in my divorce case. As you know, it was quite acrimonious and involved a lot of time and attention to detail. I retained you because I was impressed with your unique qualifications, and dedication to the community. Altogether, I was very pleased with the representation and, in closing, I consider your assistance and expertise to be exemplary. I will unhesitatingly recommend you to others who seek your legal services. You may tell other potential clients that I am available to personally discuss this recommendation."

Cary H. Rothenberg, D.C.
Huntington Beach, California

"Dieter Zacher possesses the skill of analysis and is able to provide a working solution to the problem. The final product shows a deep and detailed knowledge of the subject. I would highly recommend Mr. Zacher to provide reliable legal results for you and your company."

Jerry M.-Huntington Beach, CA

“Working with Dieter was a great experience. Unlike other family law attorneys, Dieter always had my best interest in mind. He always took his time to counsel me and taught me that I had other options besides legal ones. Before you make your final decision, make sure you meet with Dieter.”

Steve Zehngut
Zeek Interactive, Inc.
Huntington Beach, California

“I thank you so much for your professionalism and expertise. It is always comforting and reassuring to know you are representing my daughter in the legal arena.”

Karen Robinson-Pasadena, California

“Dieter Zacher has been a friend and professional associate for nearly five years. He excels as a business and family law attorney who puts his clients first. Dieter does the right thing by making ethical choices and decisions in his interactions with clients as well as the other parties in a matter, dispute or litigation. He will never compromise his principles, and I would trust him with any legal matter. He has helped me with sage legal advice in real estate, contracts, and formation of partnerships. Dieter is extraordinarily sharp, thorough, attentive to details, technologically savvy, and has a profound command of the law. I highly recommend Dieter.”

Jim Alvino
President and Founder
Monetize Your Niche, Inc.
Huntington Beach, California

“Dieter has been advising our company since 2008 and represented us in numerous legal issues during this time ranging from mergers and acquistions, to corporate contracts to labor issues. Each and every time Dieter has proven to be a very effective and pragmatic attorney that is extremely practical and straightforward. Dieter thinks like a business owner and very quickly assess each situation with our company’s interest in mind balancing strategy and return on investment.”

Ricardo Ordonez
Chief Financial Officer
International Rubber Products, Inc.
Rancho Dominguez, California

“Dieter is an aggressive and results-oriented, yet practical attorney. I have been impressed by his professionalism and the level of service he delivers to his clients. I have and will continue to refer my own clients to him when they are in need.”

Brian Harpst, Esq.
The Harpst Law Firm
Santa Ana, California

“Dieter is an excellent attorney. He is well prepared, committed, and aggressive in his representation of his clients.”

Alan Brown
Day, Day & Brown
Tustin, California

“I had the pleasure of hiring Dieter Zacher’s firm in my divorce proceedings. Mr. Zacher and his staff were very professional, personable and communicated with me every step of the way. They treated me with the utmost respect and care in this very sensitive matter. I am very grateful for the efforts of the firm in getting the best results available under the circumstances."

Thema Robinson
Los Angeles, California